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Lawsuit #2

Nexus vs Hannabelle

The Nexus vs Hannabelle lawsuit was basically a repeat of the Freeman/D'Angelo vs Hannabelle lawsuit but with different judges. Double the lawyer fees, of course. Once again Marshall Tanick, my lawyer, made a motion to dismiss due to the Minnesota Anti-SLAPP Law.

My judge was John Sommerville. I didn't get my day in court. Instead, he took us into his chambers. Even in that casual informal room, I was not given an opportunity to speak. Neither lawyer put on a case but just chit-chatted about stuff. Victor slandered me to the judge, as usual. Marshall didn't get a chance to make the presentation he'd prepared. There was a court reporter tucked in the back of the room. I would have liked to get a transcript, but it was way out of my price range. I found the entire experience in Judge Sommerville's chambers very bizarre. I left feeling good though. I was pretty sure that he would rule in my favor. He didn't. He denied my motion to dismiss.

Marshall filed once again in the Minnesota Court of Appeals. I recall that the lead judge seemed not to like my lawyer. I should probably picked a lawyer based on his popularity rather than for his clever lawyering skills.... Even so, this panel of Appellate judges reversed the district court's decision but sent me back to Sommerville for another hearing about my trial.

But Judge Sommerville had resigned. I had no judge. About this time, I ran out of money. So suddenly, I had no lawyer. He dumped me. All in all, these lawsuits cost me my life's savings, plus I borrowed an additional $20 grand. People wondered why I didn't just give up and quit. Well, the justice system doesn't work that way. Nexus was brutal. From the start, they showed no mercy.                                   

They say that he who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client. Hannabelle says that she who acts as her own client has a fool for a lawyer. I trotted to the finish line pro se.

Nexus thought I was through. But I arranged to have my day in court again - this time with Judge Joseph Klein. I finally got to speak. Victor Lund stood next to me, very quiet. It bothered me that he didn't argue his case. Perhaps he didn't have to. Maybe it was already decided?

Judge Klein denied my motion to dismiss and ordered me to stand trial by jury.

One week before my trial, once again Nexus dropped its lawsuit. It was over. Poof. Just like that. I prevailed.











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