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The preferred architectural style of


Neo-Concentration Camp circa 1940's


The day of individual happiness has passed.

Adolf Hitler

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Proposed Nexus Gymnasium



Proposed Nexus Administration - Education Building


Proposed Residence Building



Gerard Academy - Austin, Minnesota


Indian Oaks Academy


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Auschwitz Concentration Camp


Flossenburg Concentration Camp



Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp




Dachau Concentration Camp










The original 3 story building plans shown to the public in a brochure distributed by Nexus and Onamia city officials were changed. What was built was just as ugly, just not quite so tall.


Who would have thought it? The resemblance is uncanny.

Yes. I can certainly see the similarity.

That Jim D'Angelo thinks Onamians will be proud of these buildings.

The way they've been acting lately, they probably will. They're like a bunch of Nazis.

Yah wohl.

Well, I don't care if Mr. D'Angelo thinks they are beautiful designs, I think the proposed buildings are ugly.

Yeah. Butt ugly.



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